Gail and Dan Cannon Art Painter Scholarship

About this Scholarship:
This scholarship was established in 1999 by Dan Cannon, Emeritus Professor of Art, in memory of his wife, Gail. Gail was involved with the arts most of her life, both in her career and volunteer activities. Dan taught art most of the 39 years of his professional career, has written many articles and shown his paintings widely. Dan was involved with the River Gallery in Independence and promoted new artists until he passed in 2014.

Scholarship Criteria:
- Full time (12 credits or more per term)
- Major in Art/Design
- Studying painting
Students who graduate in December are still eligible. Students enrolled in post graduate study are not eligible.

Creative Arts
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please upload 5 to 8 works. Photos of artwork should be well lit, in crisp focus, and color corrected. Each submission must include the following information: Title, Medium, Dimensions, Date of Completion, Meaning/Content (optional). *IMPORTANT*: Upload images and artist statement as a *single* PDF no larger than 10MB.
  2. Do you intend to maintain your painting concentration during the next academic year?