Jeanne Deane Abby's House Scholarship

About this Scholarship:
Abby’s House Center for Women and Families is an on-campus resource center and meeting place serving students, staff, faculty and members of the surrounding community. Abby’s House services include resources and referrals, educational programming, and a resource library. Our mission is to provide the WOU community with educational programming, information, and referral services designed to promote equity and non-violence. We embrace a feminist model that empowers all people to actively stand against all forms of violence, harassment, verbal abuse, discrimination, and hatred. (

In 2011, the Abby’s House Scholarship was re-named in honor of one of the founders of Abby’s House, Jeanne Deane who retired from WOU that year. By renaming the scholarship, the “Jeanne Deane Abby’s House Scholarship,” Abby’s House honors Jeanne for her years of service as a founder and Director of Abby’s House. As a full time administrative assistant at WOU, Jeanne spent many volunteer hours during lunch and before and after regular work hours to coordinate volunteer student advocates at Abby’s House. Her vision included making Abby’s House a safe place for support, building community, and offering resources beyond crisis response like the gender studies library, scholarships, and internship opportunities.

Scholarship Criteria:
- At least 100 credit hours
- Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
- Willing to volunteer at Abby’s House a minimum of 5 hours per week each term throughout the academic year
Post graduate study allowed.

- Full time (12 or more credits per term)

Abby's House
Supplemental Questions
  1. Submit a paragraph describing your special talents, skills and abilities.
  2. Essay: 1. Why should we have a resource like Abby's House on campus? 2. How will working at Abby's House contribute to your future goals?
  3. Short Answer: Describe how this scholarship and volunteering at Abby's House will contribute to your future career plans.
  4. Provide a reference from a professor.
  5. Provide a second reference (supervisors are acceptable).