Laurel Dance Scholarship

About this Scholarship:
This scholarship is a 4-year renewable scholarship.

Scholarship Criteria:
- Outstanding incoming WOU student
- Major in dance
- High School GPA of 3.0 or higher
- Participation in annual audition
Video auditions accepted for students who cannot attend the Dance Audition in person due to distance or special circumstances.

Dance Scholarship Video Audition Guidelines:
Only submit a video audition if you cannot attend the Dance Audition in person

  • 2 combinations at the barre
  • Adagio with pirouettes en dehors and en dedans in the center
  • Petit allegro combination
  • Grande allegro combination


  • Modern phrase that travels across the floor
  • Modern center movement phrase

Solo (optional)

  • Up to 2 minutes in length, in any genre
  • Make sure to introduce the solo and include who choreographed it

Renewal Criteria:
- Major in dance
- Maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
- Complete 36 credits each academic year (Fall, Winter, Spring)
- Attend annual audition

Supplemental Questions
  1. Have you registered for the Dance Audition on the WOU Campus? To register for an audition contact Sharon Oberst at
  2. Are you unable to attend the Dance Audition due to distance or special circumstance?
    • Have you sent a link of your audition video to Professor Oberst (
  3. Upload: Dance and performance resume.
  4. Please upload a 500 word essay addressing why you are pursuing a degree in dance.