David & Dennis Eddings Literature Scholarship

About this Scholarship:
David and Dennis Eddings made their careers in literature, David as an author, Dennis as a teacher. David received his BA from Reed College, his MA from the University of Washington, both degrees having a Creative Writing emphasis. He went on to become a highly successful author, focusing on Fantasy. Dennis received his BA and MA degrees from the University of Washington, his doctorate from the University of Oregon. He taught literature and writing at Western Oregon University from 1968 to 2001 and published on Poe and Twain. The brothers have established this scholarship to aid students who share their love of literature.

Scholarship Criteria:
- Full time (12 credits or more per term)
- Undergraduate
- Declared major in literature, language arts or writing
- GPA in major of 3.5 or higher
- Sophomore class standing or higher

Supplemental Questions
  1. Submit a writing sample consisting of a paper submitted for a course in the major--on first page, list course, instructor, term, where taken
  2. Submit list of completed and current courses in major, with grades through winter term
  3. Submit names of three teacher references with phone numbers (no letters)
  4. Submit an essay on something you are passionate about.
  5. What will your English track be during the next academic year?