Norma DeVolder Pre-Nursing Scholarship

About this Scholarship:
Funds in support of undergraduates seeking to fulfill their nursing prerequisite coursework at WOU.

Scholarship Criteria:
- Demonstrated financial need
- Maintained excellent academic performance
- Demonstrated potential for successfully completing the pre-nursing program at WOU
- Demonstrated a willingness to contribute their time and talent in service to their community
- Actively involved in the pre-nursing program
- Completed 30 credits of pre-nursing coursework with a minimum of a 3.0 GPA
- Must have taken or will take MTH 095 or higher

- Students who have not previously received this award

Supplemental Questions
  1. Short Essay: Answer the following: 1. Your career goals in the field of biology or nursing; 2. How your education will enable you to "give back" in community service activities in which you live and work; 3. Why you selected WOU for pursuing your college education.
  2. Upload a copy of your course plan signed by your adviser showing you have completed 30 credits of pre-nursing coursework.